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dolifetogether's Journal

Let's Do Life Together
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Focused on a different kind of support, recovery, pursuit of relief from being overweight.
i created this community simply because others i could find didn't quite match the vision of what i am looking for. i am looking for a way of finding others with whom to do life together. hence, dolifetogether.

there _are_ a number of lj communities that concentrate on weight loss. weigh-ins, food journals, questions, reflection... what i'm looking for and couldn't find was a place without a bunch of pressure. a lack of pressure could certianly be part of my problem in being overweight. however, i've also tried enough ways to loose weight that i know i deserve to try to do it a way that fits me. so, maybe a little more musing on the little things in life each day that make or break the journey.

so what does that look like? loose, honest, deliberate are words that come to mind. i indicated moderated membership not because i want to 1. quiz you or 2. make you tell me your whole life story or 3. ensure your intentions are honorable. what i would like is for you to read the posts, really consider if this is a place you want to be. give serious consideration as to if you want to come, join us here, and do. life. together.